Development Management

Maximising financial potential

Development Management focuses on maximising the financial potential of land and property beyond the current use value. Our team have a significant portfolio of experience in this field and can successfully manage your development project throughout its life-cycle. We work with our clients to achieve their objectives whether they include the generation of profits, increase in investment returns or delivering regeneration benefits.

Our key offerings include:

  • Pre-development team structure and management
  • Site feasibility, viability evaluation and estates due diligence reviews
  • Project implementation strategy
  • Liaison with funding partners and financiers
  • Concept development design and project briefing
  • Development appraisal and financial modelling
  • Value management input into the business plan
  • Client support for liaison with key stakeholders including adjoining land owners, local authorities and other third parties and approving bodie
  • Project team selectio
  • Briefing and management of planning consultants, solicitors, agents, PR and marketing consultants
  • Project monitoring and external financial reporting
  • Establishing property management and estates management regime


If you have a commercial interest in a property development, but no direct control over its construction, our team will protect your interests. We also carry out support in the acquisition of properties which is based on a level of Due Diligence.

Future54 can provide the initial Technical Due Diligence (often working with legal and accountancy firms) and then provide Project Monitoring services during the construction phase. We can provide a tailored service to suit the level of support you want.

We can do this for a range of Clients including:

  • A funding institution, which will acquire the project as an investment upon completion
  • A tenant or purchaser, who will commit to lease or purchase the project upon completion
  • A bank or development finance company
  • Grant funders
  • Private Finance Initiative (PFI) funders