Corporate Social Responsibility

Commercial Success

As a business we are focused on achieving commercial success, but we realise that the way in which we operate has an economic, social and environmental impact. So, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of AMDAS’s business strategy. We consider three key commitments to be particularly close to our heart, these are:



  1. Respecting people: We value the people who work for us and are fully committed to their well-being both professionally and personally. We demonstrate our responsibility in a number of ways from offering continuing professional development to providing parental and compassionate leave. We have an internal code of conduct, which sets out the beliefs and behaviour of our company, how we treat our staff, and how we wish employees to treat one another. We also strongly support equal opportunity and diversity in the workplace.

  2. Promoting sustainability: We endeavour to minimise the impact our business has on the environment both locally and globally and to encourage those who work for us and with us to support us in this goal. We have published an Environmental and Sustainability Policy, which is championed by one of our senior associates and we are continually seeking ways in which we can improve business efficiency.

  3. Giving back to our communities: Amdas has implemented a programme of initiatives to provide professional, charitable and community support. This includes encouraging our people to join in with corporate initiatives, offering university awards sponsorship and work experience opportunities for students, pro bono work for our designated charity, as well as providing financial and time support for other local community and charity projects as identified by our Communities Champions.