Development Management

Budget Control

Establishing a realistic budget at the outset is crucial. We use our benchmarking data to create a budget that our Clients have confidence in and look to be clear on what it includes or excludes. Setting the construction cost in the context of the Client’s wider project costs is important. We look to manage costs and maximise value as the scheme evolves through the various design stages.

Our cost plans are produced as a tool to help steer the design and are therefore transparent. We invest time with the design team and our Clients to understand and buy to our cost plans in order that scope creep is minimised wherever possible. Design optioneering and value engineering with the Client and the design team are a standard part of our service.

We provide advice on the options to procure a contractor which best aligns with the client’s project priorities be they time, cost certainty or quality control. Cost control and reporting is critical. We sit down with our Clients and discuss and agree bespoke report formats that allow Clients to have confidence and reduce surprises.

Our key offerings include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Cost Modelling and Benchmarking
  • Cost Planning and Detailed Cost Estimates
  • Cost Optioneering
  • Procurement and Contract Strategy
  • Value Engineering