Development Management

Specialist Procurement

Construction Management is a specialist procurement method and requires an experienced team to gain the benefits that this can offer in terms of programme and cost. At Future54 we can draw upon our specialist construction knowledge and can assemble a team to deliver the specialist skills for Construction Management.

Many of the skills would traditionally be found in a main contractor’s organization. However, our team have many of the skills and we can also supplement with our partners where necessary to provide in design, package procurement, cost and commercial and programming. We can offer this service as part of a full Construction Management Appointment or as a bolt-on to supplement a Client’s existing team.



F54 are market leaders in tailoring a procurement strategy to suit you. We do not force the text book approach on to our clients, and instead adopt a view to work with the client to assess their appetite for risk and their knowledge of the industry and market conditions. F54 are stand out in the industry for this specific service having drafted a white paper about the process of a reverse engineered procurement approach nearly 4 years ago. F54’s skills and reputation in delivering developments from £10m to over £200m with a tailored procurement approach has firmly put the company on the map having delivered numerous high profile and high value schemes across the UK and Europe.

Its what excites the directors in F54, to lead the market with delivering complex schemes more efficiently, with balanced risk, and greater rewards.